Social Media is downright time consuming. It really is. With so many platforms to consider and be across. How is a small business meant to keep up? It can be tricky. But with a few hints and tips, you can be posting to all three major networks at once!

Save time by linking your profiles and posting to the 3 major Social networks in one fell swoop!
Step 1: Accounts

You will need:

  • A Facebook account
  • An Instagram account
  • A Twitter account
Step 2: Facebook Business Page

If you don’t have a facebook page for your business, go get one here.

Make sure to fill out all the details. Including contact details, operating hours and more. The simple prompts from Facebook will guide you along the way.

Step 3: Linking your Profiles 

First convert your Instagram page to a business profile. The guide for this is here.

Next, connect your facebook and twitter profiles by following the steps listed here.

You are done!

Now you can simply post to all three major social networks  by making a regular post to Instagram and sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Remember to use your #hashtags for optimum engagement.

If you need a hand with your Social Media efforts or you would like further personalised hints, tips or guidance contact us for a FREE consultation.

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