Don’t set and forget your website

For some small business, it’s important to have a website that is easy for their OWN admin staff to manage. With popular elements like blog pieces or articles being included in many modern sites, having a traditional web designer make these consistent updates to a website, can prove costly.

When I build a site, I make it my goal to understand your business and how often you need to make the simple changes and together we find the best platform for you.

A site that is built, managed and only accessible by a web design company means that every time you wish a minor change to be made it’s $$$$ out of your business pocket.

For many, it makes sense to know how to edit the elements of your website, or how to manage basic changes if need be. I build sites that can be customised to your particular needs and tech ability and I provide training on the items you most often need refreshed.

Websites, should never be “set and forget”. Working together with Task Boss for your web design ensures that you have the ability to manage your sites basic backend if you wish. It is important that a website showcases the most up to date and relevant information possible. Of course, if web tech really isn’t your thing (it’s easier than you think, I promise) Task Boss can manage the lot.

Services for changes, updates, photos, blog items and more for your website is available at affordable prices.

Task Boss recently worked with All Areas Family Day Care to create a new and refreshed website on a platform that can be easily managed by the staff.

Check it out here.

If you need web design assistance, support or guidance,  contact Task Boss for a FREE consultation.