Drafting a digital marketing plan sounds much more complicated and intimidating than it actually is.
What is a digital marketing plan?

A digital marketing plan is important for documenting and setting the initial direction of your online business goals. This plan outlines policies and priorities for the management of your digital marketing assets – including everything from desktop and mobile websites, to apps, social media campaigns, web banners and email marketing.

6 simple steps to a sound digital media marketing plan

Here are six simple tips and hints on creating a sound digital marketing plan for your small business:

 1. What is your objective when using digital media?

Are you trying to get people to notice you, trying to drive sales, or are you looking for a better way to engage with your customers? This is what you need to decipher first so you can zero in on exactly how your digital marketing plan can help you achieve your objectives.

2. Know your industry

What your competitors doing?

Do you currently monitor your competition?

It’s time to get stalky…

The best place to start is to have a look at their digital assets – what does their site look like? How often are they updating their content? How many social media followers do they have? What would you do different or better. What will be your point of difference?

You can’t stand out if you don’t know what the rest of the marketplace is already doing.

Do your research!
3. Understand your audience

Who is in your ultimate target zone?

Who is it that you are trying to reach?

How do they use digital media?

Are they on their phone?

These questions are important in determining the right channels to reach your audience. Mobile is now the leading channel for communications, with 78% of Aussies owning a smartphone, and 73% of those using it to search the internet. This rises to 91% in the 18- to 29-year-old age bracket.

4. Take a long hard look at yourself

Conduct a full audit of your current digital assets. Are they up to date? Does everything tie back to your brand’s overall feel and voice?

How easy is your site to navigate?

Remember, people are pretty impatient online.

If it takes more than a couple clicks to contact you or get to a point where you can make a sale, you need to simplify your site.

5. Extend your reach with social

Even if you’re a little behind when it comes to digital marketing, or you are just starting up, social media can help you gain momentum quickly. The latest Sensis Social Media Report found that almost 6 in 10 consumers are on social media. Social platforms are an amazing marketing tool. Most consumers expect a business to be on social platforms. With the ability to tell your business’ story and rapidly engage and connect with customers, social media is a wonderful way to connect, entertain, educate and engage customers.

Draw up a content plan for what you are going to post and when.
6. How will they find you?

Even the most impressive looking website means nothing if no one knows it’s there. One of the best ways to help people find your business is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Make sure your website has been built according to Google’s best practices for organic searchability. Ensuring your SEO is in order is possibly the most important investment you can make.

Beware of SEO Scammers. For more information on how to spot them read our article on SEO spam here.

Google changed its algorithm recently to give priority to mobile optimised sites when serving up search results. Don’t let your business miss out on being found for the sake of a simple upgrade.

A digital marketing plan doesn’t need to be complicated, just considered. If you’re still unsure, Task Boss can guide you along the way. Simply contact us for a free consultation.